I’m back!

Happy Sunday everyone! I know it’s been quite some time.. okay.. like nearly 5 months since I’ve posted. But trust me this little hobby of mine has been in the back of my mind the whole time. After the giveaway post with Champagne & Chalk I had left to go to Kansas to be with my family after my Papa Grover had passed away. I’m not one to share personal details like that so I didn’t post anything as to why I stopped posting. After the week or so being out of the state the holidays quickly came, friends and family visited and quite honestly life got busy. Along with the holidays came an engagement (insert ridiculous happiness), and celebrating. Add in a job switch, a gym routine, 2 cats, 1 dog and 3 chickens and life in general.. well my little blog got pushed aside.

I am back and I am going to continue posting, when I am able to. Though, I do not think I will be posting 2 projects a week unfortunately. It’s expensive and time consuming to do projects- but I promise I’ve got some great things to share. We’ve made some really exciting plans for the house. Since I’ve last posted we began the bathroom remodel. Which includes: new floors, painted cabinets, new sinks/faucets, new counter top and new backsplash! We are getting ready to put in new kitchen floors, new concrete counter tops with some butcher block accents & repainting the kitchen cabinets again.. we learned quickly when we painted the bathroom cabinets that white is the hardest color. We’re excited to add a little personality to the kitchen with a fun color.

I am going to post a project in the next few days that is from quite awhile ago, I think we did it in either September or October when my grandparents came to visit from Washington. We redid the old built-in in our dining room and converted it to a wine rack and bar area! I’ve added a gallery wall to the dining room, and will be re-painting the CL table. Our new kitchen floors are grey so the table needs to be changed.

I’m excited to be back and sharing our house updates, projects & maybe a little wedding talk here and there! Thanks so much for reading everyone, be on the look out for fun new posts.. and probably a few breaks here and there because life is just plain crazy sometimes.


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