Champagne & Chalk Giveaway

I am so excited to host my first giveaway, and even more excited about the product. Scott’s cousin Kaylee just opened her own little business, soon to be big business I have no doubt. It’s called Champagne & Chalk. She does hand lettered signs and knick-knacks [champagne and knick-knacks so much yes. so much.] As well as event planning. Head over to Kaylee’s Etsy shop and fall in love with everything she creates, I just know you’ll love it!

A little bit about Kaylee & a look at what she can do:
My first creation was for my sister’s wedding. After seeing how the chalkboards added a special personal touch to her event I decided to open my business.
At first, my work was mainly with chalkboards. However, my love for hand-lettering bloomed. I started writing on anything I could. Now I feel confident in my skills to create special pieces for other people’s homes and events.
My studio is located in my home where I use chalk, chalk markers, and calligraphy pens. I love the feeling of creating something uniquely special for someone, be it for an event or to display in their home.

Check out my Facebook page
& visit my Instagram @champagneandchalk

image image  image image
[What I ordered, so far, for our Christmas cards this year!]

image image image
[What I am dying to order next]
It was so fun to pick the style of writing and colors, and Kaylee is so helpful when you’re trying to decide what you want and how you want it done!

Lets all work together to convince Miss Kaylee to host a class for all of us to learn the trade 😉

To enter the giveaway follow first Champagne and Chalk on Instagram, and then comment on this post with your email! Winner will be picked at random and will get to pick their own custom wood slab sign [*continental US only at this time]!

Feel free to share on FB, Insta, Twitter or whatever means you have, I will keep the giveaway up until Sunday October 18th to give people a chance to enter!



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