Fall, Fall, Falling DIY

We’re in full on fall mode over here at our little zoo! For those who follow me on twitter or instagram you know we just adopted 2 kittens, and for those that don’t follow me you can find me @alli_grover on Twitter and allirochelle_ on Instagram! So our zoo total is now up to 3 chickens, 1 lab and 2 kittens. Trying to convince a certain boy in my life to get some goats but it’s not working so far! On October 1st I broke out the box of fall decor we had stored in our unfinished guest room & started to decorate! We opted to decorate more for the season than for Halloween. Lots and lots of pumpkins & more to come I’m sure.

If any one has seen the new Good Housekeeping magazine for 2015 it’s impossible to not be smitten. Impossible I tell you. Pumpkins, flower crowns, and white and gold? Sign me up, girlfriend. Here’s a look at the cover that inspired our new center piece in the dining room.

As I was saying before most of the house is neutral, with the exception of the dining room where I got super funky. It all started with the CL chairs. This was a super easy, cheap and DIY project. Less than $30 and less than 30 minutes! Instead of using real flowers, I hopped on over to the dollar store and got about 15-20 little bouquets of fake flowers as well as 2 foam rings to spike them in to [I’m sure thats the correct terminology]
[For WA friends, the copper bowl is from Lucky You in Gillman Village in Issaquah. By far one of my favorite places to find funky & original pieces, my table cloths are also from there.]

From there I pulled off the flowers as well as leaves from the stems and just started poking them in the foam.

Unfortunately the size of pumpkins I got, mixed with the size of the foam ring made it little too lopsided to do as flower crowns so instead I placed the pumpkins in the middle, I really love how bright it makes our table!


Up next I’ll be painting some pumpkins and polka dotting my little heart out! Follow me on Instagram for pictures of projects in between posts!


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