Real people live with doors

There was a time in my life I made fun of my best friends Callie and Shane because they’d taken quite awhile to get doors up in the house they were working on. Well now I know better. To get our doors completely finished [they still aren’t] has taken MONTHS. I feel like this is the never ending project. It really doesn’t help that we took all the old doors off weeks before we were ready to move on to the next step. It’s been a process friends. But we are finally there! We live like real adults and have doors, with new trim and new door casings. 1st step was removing old doors & doing new jambs [I mentioned this in a previous post, we had one of Scott’s friends do this for us to save money]. Then selecting our new doors which only came primed and not painted, & was the same with our trim. Painting those darn doors was soul crushing. I don’t know why but it was my least favorite task. We used Glidden paint, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finish of it but the texture is a little weird. Like chunky oatmeal. Gross.




The thing I really like about this paint is we did not need to put any sort of a finish on it, and this wasn’t because we simply skipped it like every other thing we’ve painted and never went back to. It doesn’t need it. Anything that makes a project a smidge faster I can get on board with. We bought our trim in pre-cut packs from Home Depot, as well as the casings. The trim and casings were much easier because we were able to lay them out on the garage floor and paint them, so it flew by. 2 coats and wham bam thank you ma’am that part was done.. so we decided to let it sit again for a few weeks.. why not??

We chose to use dark stained hardware for the door knobs and hinges. So once that part of the project was done we let it sit for about a year [or what felt like a year] before we decided to move on to the next project: trim. Scott and his friend Tucker worked on removing all of the old trim, which went a lot faster than expected. For now we have not removed the trim in bedrooms, we did the trim in the hallway and front room. The trim in the kitchen and sports room was already removed during painting and installing new carpet. Scott put up one piece of trim as a tester in the front room, my oasis, and we called it good for another year ;). I kid I kid. We’ve been so busy with 43 weddings, 23 baby showers and 34 vacations so it’s been stalling a lot of our projects.
_DSC1132 _DSC1130 _DSC1133 IMG_2567

The trim we picked is 3 thick, so a little bigger than the standard trim and then paired with accent pieces for the corners [not pictured, sorry friends]. We did have to cut off a small piece off the bottom to match the trim height. It is so fun getting to do these projects and change our old standard pieces to more of a custom feel.

Love the way the house is coming together! And it was nice to do a house project, it had been awhile since we had made progress on the actual house and not an accent piece or anything like that! We are also going to do our own casing around the big entry way. I’m hoping we can work on it this weekend but we will see!


4 thoughts on “Real people live with doors

  1. I was really entertained with this blog. Your doors look great and worth the wait. I can’t wait to see everything you’ve gotten done. See you in 15 days.

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