This post may be somewhat dinky in content and rather picture heavy, but I had a few requests to feature some of our décor! I will try to link what I can, or help to find similar products. About 98% of what I buy comes from Home Goods, if you haven’t been go this instant! I go every Saturday, and that’s not an exaggeration. I just can’t get enough of that place. From the prices, to options they have you’re bound to come away with some great finds. I also buy quite a bit from Target and Pier 1 Imports. I am going through what I feel is a very funky for my usual phase. Typically I am all neutrals, whites, greys, taupe’s and black every now and then but lately I am tossing teal, orange and gold around like its glitter in my living room.

The very first thing I picked for this house was our curtains for the front room, I stood in the aisle at Target for 20 minutes holding them, loving them, but wondering if they were a bit too crazy for my usual style. In the end Scott said “Just get those, its obvious you like them”
_DSC1119 _DSC1116

They don’t have the exact same ones in stock anymore, but these & these are a similar to the ones we have, in a different shade. I also plan to snag these for my get ready room, which will be on the blog as soon as I finish it [Hint: seems forever away]

I think I have featured these candle holders before, on the coffee table post but I have since added a few new holders. I also plan to order 4 more of these same one’s [maybe more] to place in other areas of the house, because I just love them so much. They have a large and a medium size, and are also 5% off of their already low price of $12.99. Next on my list for our master bedroom are these fun hurricane holders & these! Our master bedroom is currently all white, and I plan to add touches of gold with a few accessories, though I just spotted this fun bird cage and I’m wondering how Scott would feel about it. I also love Hobby Lobby for their candle selection, and the fact that I can usually snag one on sale, or use the 40% off coupon from my Retail Me app is something Scott can certainly appreciate.

_DSC1118 _DSC1114

I have a new found interest in ginger jars also, after this picture was taken I added 2 to the mantel, both from Home Goods. A very unexpected pop of blue to the room!

The next project I am starting on will be sewing some pillow covers [they will be featured] for the couch. I am a beginner with sewing, my only experience so far is blankets for gifts. I have a preview below of some inspirations and fabric swatches that keep catching my eye.

As far as the kitchen goes my recent purchases haven’t been too exciting, I got these wine glasses [I know they’re not décor, but I’ve been lusting after them for years now- they deserve 4 posts all about them.. and wine reviews to go along!]  & a cake stand to hold our olive oil, S&P shakers and other misc. items near our stove. I got it from Home Goods so I can’t link the exact one- but here is a similar stand, that I actually prefer to the one I got. Maybe I need 2? I really was considering doing one for dish soap, hand soap and sponges.

My other current obsession is these great copper baskets I got. I got 1 for my bar cart, 1 for the soon to be built in bar and 1 for my sewing table. Then I snagged one more for good measure this weekend. This one is a bit different, it’s black with copper handles, I had held off for months on putting baskets on the bottom shelf in the hallway because I just couldn’t decide what I wanted but the minute I saw this wire basket I knew it was meant to be. I think I like them so much because I love my copper mugs for Moscow Mules.  🙂

I’m off to Home Goods and Pier One this weekend, if I spot some great pieces I’ll be sure to share! I’ve also decided to incorporate my vanity post into showing my get ready room, so that one wont be up right away, but there are sneak peaks on my instagram if you follow me there!


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