DIY Sofa Table for under $30

I’m baaaccckkk! I hope you haven’t forgot me, it’s been about 34 years since I last posted. I have had some serious motivation problems getting around to posting projects we’ve been working on. But, we have been working on a lot! Our current projects include: new molding & new door casings, decorating the front room (never done with that) and our bedroom, a new run for my chickens (Rach laid her first egg), and antiquing a CL vanity. All while in the back of my mind I have 12 more projects stock piled just waiting for the right time to ask Scott if we can start.

I’m gonna ease back in to this whole blogging business with a quick & extremely easy weekend project. Our sports room is not large enough to have a coffee table, and for the longest time I had no where to set my wine glass because we didn’t have a sofa table behind the couch. We had went to Home Depot one morning to pick out door casings and happened to see posts used for stair cases for $4/each. I knew we could use these as table legs and Scott picked a 2×6 board that would be used as the table surface for only $12. If you’re keeping track for the table total we are currently sitting pretty at $28. I spend more on coffee weekly than the cost of this table so far. Not sure thats good.


Once we lugged everything home and got to work this project flew right by. We had to cut the legs down to 31” (only had to cut off about 8 inches or so). And had to cut the 2×4 down a few inches. Scott had to use the dreaded miter saw for this again. Luckily those days are far behind us because a local shop was having a huge Labor Day sale and we snagged a table saw for a great price. I can’t wait to start some new projects, since I’m always thinking “okay what can I buy next” I am already dreaming of getting a scroll saw. Imagine the projects I could do! One of my favorite past times has been doing wood-working projects with my grandparents, best. memories. ever.


[Oh hayyy good hair day]

_DSC1073 _DSC1072

We situated the table legs 3” in from the sides to the table would have a little bit of an over hang. Which ended up not even mattering because you can’t see the table really from any angle & thats just fine- we have yet to paint it anyway.

_DSC1077 _DSC1078

Scott then used the drill to prepare the hole for the screw, and a matching hole to the table legs. Then screwed them together. Simple as that! Now, the only thing is that the screws show on top of the table. And maybe I am just thinking too hard about this, or not hard enough, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to avoid this in the future? The legs have to be attached to the table.. and you obviously can’t go from the bottom up to the table, right?? HOW DO I ACCOMPLISH NO SCREWS SHOWING!? Tape? Glue? What in the world kind of magic is required.

 We needed something very thin as to not push the sofa out into the middle of the room. And really it just needed to be wide enough for some coasters, a wine glass or two and maybe some decorations. [Side note: I have become such a knickknack person since decorating started.] Like I said, this was the fastest and best project to ease us back in after vacation. Now we are off on a full sprint.

Sorry to alter from what I said I would be posting, this table was somewhat spur of the moment! Thank you to everyone who did the poll on what they wanted see, I was shocked to see that many people actually were reading along and enjoying the posts! I wanted to reply to the comments left but did not know I couldn’t with the comment box tool I used- but I read your kind words and all the input! It looks like quite a few wanted to see some decor that I have added, and I will be happy to post that and maybe toss in some Halloween decor and a fun craft project [yes, involving glitter] I’ve been thinking up!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, friends! Will be posting again this week & I can’t wait for you to see some more changes on give a gal.


2 thoughts on “DIY Sofa Table for under $30

  1. Allie, I love your blog and your projects. Just an idea to cover those screws in the top of your table. You can countersink the screws and get those 3/8″ plugs that tap into the countersunk hole, then cut the plug flush with the top and a quick sanding finishes it off. I use the plugs all the time with my birdcages.


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