Cocktails with Girlfriends

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have my best friend Cierra & her hubby David here in Boise. We had a blast. I’m not sure most people realize this, and we try to keep it a secret, but Boise is one of the greatest places around. There is so much to do, see, eat and drink! And trust me, we did all of this in the 2 days they were here. Pro tip for future visitors: if you’re a wino make your first stop BodoVino. Look for me, I’m the girl constantly refilling my glass.

Being in Boise is great, but I really miss having my girl time. Luckily I am meeting some really fantastic girls here and love spending time with them. But nothing will ever beat time with your best girlfriend. Nothing.

Cierra and I have many special talents. Specifically in the cocktail department! We decided to each pick a recipe to whip up and enjoy. Mrs. Neil chose a low-cal margarita that you don’t have to feel guilty indulging in and I went one involving Old Faithful. Prosecco & Gin called a French 75.

For how fancy I felt drinking this cocktail, it was very simple to make. I used 1 whole bottle of Prosecco, and 2 cups of gin. The gin I used may not be available to all, but I picked it because it is hand bottled in Oregon. It may be a specific PNW find. We also use their vodka when we make Moscow Mules. I may or may not be sipping a gin and tonic while writing this because it is so good & my day was so long!!
_DSC0918After I mixed those 2 together I used the juice of a whole lemon and added simple syrup. To make the simple syrup simply boil equal parts sugar and water. After it’s boiled and sugar is dissolved let cool and add to your drink!
I chose to garnish my drink with a lemon twist, because why wouldn’t I??
_DSC0944_DSC0955 (1)_DSC0956 (1)

| Don’t mind the dog toy and messy counters in the background, it’s real life |

_DSC0959 (1)

Head over to Lift, love, prep to snag Cierra’s margarita recipe & get some great tips on meal prepping and healthier snack options! 

French 75 Cocktail:

1 bottle of Chamagne/prosecco/sparkling wine
Your choice of Gin
1 lemon
1 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of sugar

  • Mix Prosecco and 1-2 cups of gin (It really depends on your taste and what you prefer, start with less and add more if needed)
  • Add the juice of your lemon- try to avoid getting seeds in the drink
  • Prepare your simple syrup by combining equal parts water and sugar, bring to a boil and let sugar fully dissolve. After it is cooled add to your pitcher.
  • Opt: garnish with lemon twist
  • Enjoy!

*Most sites recommend using a martini shaker with ice, but I didn’t have one (mental note: snag one at Home Goods). I stored mine in the fridge for a few before serving and I felt like it was just peachy!

For a fun twist add a splash of grenadine or some strawberries for a pink touch!



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