Re-Covering CL Chairs

I finished the project! I finished the project! My whole goal was to get this project finished by the time Scott came home from rafting and before Cierra and David came this weekend. And I did it. It meant postponing 2 posts I had planned, but that’s okay! I will be back on track next week with scheduled posts. Back to the chairs. I love them. I am pleased as punch. They are funky & different and unlike anything I would typically pick but I can’t get enough. I want to sit and stare at them all day and then sleep on the table at night. Too far? Oh well.

Down to business. Recovering these chairs was not the easiest thing ever. It wasn’t the hardest thing either though. Don’t you love how I describe things? Super easy and clear to understand. Or not. The gal at Hobby Lobby was SO helpful when I was getting my fabric. She knew this was my first time doing this kind of project so she did suggest I get a bit more fabric just to give me some “oops” room. So the bottom of the chairs looks a little intense because I used up every last piece of fabric. My first tip: Cut the fabric to just enough to cover the chair. I think it would have been easier to fold and tuck had I not had so much excess. But I was SO thankful for it while I was learning.

One of the websites I used said its helpful to keep existing fabric on the chair while you’re recovering since it will give you the perfect frameworkto follow, since my new fabric was dark enough that the blue wouldn’t show through I did follow this time. The cushions were a little worn down so I did add 3 layer of bating to give us a little more cushion for our hineys.

image[SO sorry about picture quality, while Scott has been gone he had his nice camera so these are iPhone pictures]
After that I laid it on the fabric and cut a big square around the seat cushion.
Then tuck, fold, glue, repeat. It’s a learning process. The first one I tried starting with the sides, then the next chair I tried starting with the corners. In my opinion starting with corners was easier.
For the first 2 chairs I used fabric glue, because I didn’t know we had a stapler. I wouldn’t use that again, it just didn’t stick as quickly as I needed it to. So I went on a hunt and found we have not only 1 stapler, but 2. Jackpot! The next 2 chairs went super quick after that!

Then to wrap it all up, I put them back on the chair and screwed them in to the base! I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures of this step, but if you take the seats of the chairs, then you’ll be able to see exactly how to put them back on! It’s very simple.

This is the part of the project I was most intimidated by, and I am thankful it was not as hard as I thought it would be. By the time I started the third chair I was really getting the hang of it. This was an easy enough project that as I type this post I seriously feel like I’m leaving stuff out. But I swear, that’s all there is to it. Layering, folding, stapling, folding some more and stapling a few more times!
What do you guys think? I’m crazy for it! Can’t wait to start my next project: Antiquing a CL vanity, new door casings and some yummy juice recipes for you to try, all coming next!



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