CL Dining Room Table

2 for 2 on the CL transactions! This time it was so random, my table ended up being from a patient at the dental office I work at! What are the chances? Then the next day I listed some pallets on a buy, sell, trade site and the lovely lady who picked them up wound up being one of my good friends from home, college roommates! What are the odds when I’m not even from Boise that 2 things like that would happen? Anyway.. you didn’t click on that link to hear me jibberjabber away I don’t think. I got a great new dining room table- for such a great price! So far I am having a blast re-doing it. Here is the before:

I love the bottom with all the character and just the size I general! It came with 4 chairs that I am recovering as well.
I am hoping to track down at least one, but preferably two, captains chairs for the ends to really bring my vision to life.

I picked a new paint this time that I have never worked with before, Valspar Chalky Finish in Rugged Suade.
[Side note about paint: Valspar’s normal paint swatches of Chalky Finish do not include this color, I just happened to fall in love with it and the Valspar rep was at Lowes that day and mixed it for me. They have 40 colors to pick from and also mix Annie Sloan colors- which are to die for]

My favorite thing about this paint: No sanding, no priming. Get on with ya bad self girl. That is my kinda project.
I will say, chalk paint is a learning curve, the brush strokes do show a bit. It dries very quickly so you can try to even out spots as you go. I waited until the first coat dried completely before adding the next one on. Even after that you could see some spots where it didn’t dry completely even.
image image image
I started with the bottom of the table, figuring if it was a total flop it wouldn’t show my mistakes on the bottom.
imageThe table has 2 tops, weird I know. The original table had a lot of damage to the top unfortunately, a lot of scratches and a few HUGE cracks. I was so torn between trying to restore that or just using the one the original owner created to go over top. In the end I did decide to use the replacement top. But who knows, one day when I am feeling productive maybe I will get some wood filer and fix it!
image image 

Once the bottom was finished and I mentally prepared myself, I flipped the table over and did the top. At first I wasn’t sold on the grey, it was drying so much lighter than I wanted. Thankfully after 2 coats, a few glasses of wine and staring at it without blinking for 12 hours, I fell in love!
And then I did something really dorky and seriously set my placemats on the table because I had to see how it would go together… I’m not even ashamed
image[Mind you, this is all still while it was in the sports room because it’s too heavy for me to move on my own]
I was getting ahead of myself because I still hadn’t sealed it at this point.. Now.. This post was supposed to come last night, but after my Home Depot fiasco, I just didn’t want to have a table post up when it wasn’t fully done and I was in what I call a “no” mood. My best friend Callie knows what that is, you’ll say “no” to anything that comes up, anything. Do you want ice cream? NO! Do you want $100? NO! Are you grumpy? NO! (yes. so very grumpy). Originally I was not going to use the Sealing Wax valspar sells for 2 silly reasons. 1. Lowes is further than Home Depot 2. I wanted a high gloss finish.

So I went to Home Depot and bought 1 can of finish.. got home and realized it was the wrong kind to be used on paint. Went back to Home Depot and decided to be a bit more patient when picking the sealant, and even asked an employee at the paint counter. I cannot stress this enough, use the wax. The minwax sealant I wound up getting was literally pulling the paint off the table before my eyes, Thankfully, again, I had started with the bottom because I wasn’t fully convinced it was going to work.

[Side note: I am sure there is a better sealant to use than what I had picked, but I sure as heck couldn’t find it, and using a chalk paint I’ve found is much different than using a regular latex paint. I really wanted this project to turn out perfectly so I was being ultra picky.]

So rather than sealing the table on Sunday evening I decided to start the chairs. And I also decided to try something a little different.. spray paint. The chairs have a very ornate backing and I knew it would test my patience and my sanity to try to get in there with a brush. 1st I removed all the chair bottoms with a screw driver and wiped them down.
I used White Gloss Rust-Oleum Universal. It is good for wood, metal, plastic and masonry and has a primer in it already. The one piece of advice I can give on this: shake, shake, shake, shake.The first to chairs I don’t think I shook the can enough and I ran out really quickly and it gave me too many drips. It’s okay if that happens, just sand the drips off once it’s dried and spray over again. The second two chairs I shook like my life depended on it and I made 1 can last for each chair. The first 2 chairs took 3 cans.
image image image
Fast forward to today, I was determined to finish the table so I could get the chairs recovered by Wednesday, I’m a lady on a schedule y’all. I sucked it up and went to Lowes to get the Sealing Wax and hot footed it home to get to work.

This stuff is tricky to use, thank goodness my one-day sister in law has some experience with the wax and was able to give me some tips. It is tricky to know if you’re doing it right if you haven’t used it before.
image image image
Paint it on and work and small sections, I painted it on and would try to give it about a minute or so and then used one of Scott’s old shirts to wipe it up. The pamphlet I was following didn’t tell me exactly how to wipe it up, and I am someone who needs literal directions or pictures to let me know what it’s supposed to look like. Jen let me know to continue to buff it for the next few days and that the streaks and any tackiness of the wax will go away. I wish I could be more help on this last part, but I am still waiting to see how it turns out. So far it looks fabulous with a few spots I can still see the wax lines. If after a few buffs I can still see it I will decide what to do at that point.

The sealing wax is soap and water friendly, gives it a satin finish and helps to protect the table. Originally I wanted high gloss tables and matte chairs. In the end I wound up doing high gloss chairs and matte table, and I am so happy I did! I am so smitten with my dining room table you guys, I never even knew this was possible. Tomorrow I am going to go and pick fabric for the chairs and start to recover. I’ll make sure to do a post about this step, we will learn together because I have no idea what I am doing with this step!
imageThank you again for reading & can’t wait for the next project!


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