Easiest Weekend Project Ever

This past weekend was one of the first in the last few months we could be home to tackle our to-do list, together. I feel like our current projects are taking a lot of time and effort and not things that are easily finished in one day. The doors/molding have been going on for what feels like 34 months now. Even though we haven’t been in the house for 6 months. My mind works in dramatic ways, I can’t really help it. We’ve been wanting to make some changes to our dining room, and we started with the easiest. project. ever (hence the title of this post). If you have an exposed cabinet back that you want to snazz up, look no further. This took my one day, mixed with errands & other house things.

This project cost us less then $40 and really helped to add some custom touches to the room. I have some more paneling I will add as we go to cabinet sides in the kitchen. There’s a possibility we might be re-doing our already re-done cabinets soon (.. I’m so indecisive). If that’s the case extra paneling will be put on the back burner!


|Beggining, Sanded, Primed, Painted|
To start select the type of wood you’d like to use for the paneling. We did just a standard size molding that was 2.5 inches wide and less than an inch thick.
First decide which piece you want to base the rest of the measurements off. Example: We wanted the 2 pieces on the end to be what the top and bottom but up next to. Rather than the end pieces butting up to the top and bottom pieces. (I really hope that makes sense, once more pictures are up it will be easier to see what I am talking about.) And then measure all the sides you will need.
Measure the cabinet space and then mark on your wood where you need to cut. We were fairly lucky that our wood cut almost evenly with no odds and ends to spare.
Next: Face the fact that you are going to become sworn enemies with the miter box saw. image
This thing is a serious arm workout. Once our garage is cleaned out and we don’t have as many projects requiring money I would like to upgrade to a table saw & workbench. For now its miter box and the garage floor. Using the marks on your wood from measurements, line up the paneling piece in the miter box.
Cut your pieces on the dot, holding tightly to the black pegs and the wood to help it keep from moving around.

After we had all of our pieces cut I brought them inside just to place them where they would be glued to make sure we measured correctly (measure twice, cut once 🙂 )
image image image

Then I lugged them all back out to the garage (I make it sound like it was so much work and so dramatic) and painted them. I was practically giddy getting to use that color again. I did 2 coats and let them fully dry!

To mount them on to the cabinet box I used caulking, and apparently too much because half way through I ran out of the bottle that was supposed to have lasted for all of the new molding in the house? I think Scott is LOCO for thinking it would only take one things, he thinks I don’t know moderation and used too much.. One of us is right and the other is me!


Once the caulking dried (and using various items to push the paneling tight to the cabinet) I went over spots with the paint to cover the caulking. You can’t see it because of the way our counters hang over but it is along the top too. So the two longer pieces butt up against the vertical pieces (as I was trying & failing to explain earlier).

This was such an easy project to update our 1950’s kitchen! I still have a few surfaces to do but will finish them this week. Now I’m on the hunt for the next thing I can paint with the blue that I’m madly in love with.
|Real life y’all. My kitchen gets messy & I won’t even try to hide that|

What projects are you guys working on this week? Anything fun I should be trying! Exciting few posts coming up: the dining room table getting re-done, a scrumptious taco recipe & bar carts and cocktails with my best friend!



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