Failed plans

I had a whole big post planned for tonight.. but truth be told, I wasn’t loving it and I didn’t feel it was well thought out enough to post. And I would rather post good, solid content any night than something I just threw together really quickly. So with that being said:

I wanted to send out a heartfelt “thank you” to anyone who has viewed, or shared my link, or told a friend. I’ve found some real passion in blogging and want to continue to provide good content, some laughs, and new project ideas. #giveagalahammer will be getting a facelift this weekend and you’ll notice a few changes. Please, if you enjoyed a post or think you know someone who would ,share away! If you have advice for how to do a project or a suggestion that we should do to our house I would love to hear. It means the world to me to have you reading & giving input! I hope you have a fantastic day. xo- Alli


Customizing cabinets
Re-Doing an old kitchen table & recovering chairs
[Had to include a picture because I love it and just got it tonight.]
Wine/Bar counter (YES PLEASE.)
Bar cart styling & Cocktails (*guest post with my best friend)
Molding & Doors
Bathroom update (this one will be a doozy)
Building a new chicken coop
Craft closet
Sewing Projects

And any other projects I can get my little fingers on! Thank you again for reading and watch for me back next week.


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