Boost Value With 5 Easy Weekend Projects


While doing house projects we’ve been conscious of what will affect our home value when it’s time to sell. Luckily we’ve got pro on our side: Jen (Scott’s sister) is a real estate agent back home in WA. I’ve asked her to write a post of helpful hints for better curb appeal & to add more value to your humble abode. Her contact info is all listed below if you have any additional questions, I know she would be more than happy to help. *Pro tip: I’m sure she’s open to meeting with you over a glass of wine if you’d like to pick her brain! Jen has a serious passion for real estate and so much knowledge to share. Look for her as a regular guest poster on #giveagalahammer! 

Weekend “GiveAGalAHammer” worthy projects that will boost your home’s value

  • Create more Storage! You know the piles of stuff lying around your house-it could be kids toys (guilty as charged), overflow of shoes (ahem) or all that “stuff” just sitting on your bathroom counters? It all needs a home. Baskets are great for kid’s toys, and can be put under entry or coffee tables or in corners of rooms. At your local Fred Meyer you could find all sizes, shapes and colors of baskets that are cheap too. For all the bathroom “stuff” either find a super cute medicine cabinet that functions as a second mirror or add shelving. Any additional storage space (even the baskets that will go with you when you sell) will create the illusion the home has PLENTY of storage, and every single buyer wants all the storage they can get.
    good-looking-coffee-table-open-cubic-wire-baskets-storage-home-goods-PWS7L Storage-solutions-for-small-spaces-living-room-sofastorage-piece-with-basket_thumb
  • Give the front of your home a facelift. Step one, change the color of your front door. A pop of color on the front door (unless you choose purple or neon green or something along those lines) adds a ton of charm. Most people do not have the guts to do it but LOVE it when they see it. Red or a dark blue are always show stoppers. Once that is done spruce up the walkway. Make sure there is a VERY clear path to get from the driveway and sidewalk to the front door. Third, switch out all the front light fixtures to add style. Anything else, such as flowers or seating is a bonus.

Screen-shot-2012-04-01-at-11.02.17-AM Screen-shot-2012-04-01-at-11.09.04-AM Screen-shot-2012-04-01-at-11.13.28-AM

  • Replace lighting fixtures. Start in the kitchen. Most homes, especially those built more than 5 years ago have standard grade (most of the time shiny gold) light fixtures in the front entry and kitchen. These lights typically hang low and are located in high priority areas for people searching for homes. Once the kitchen and entryway are done start working on the bathrooms. Every light fixture that is updated will set your house apart…since most sellers will not take the time-or money-to do this simple task.
  • Update hardware. This project makes a TREMENDOUS difference and can be a fun treasure hunt too. Going to your local hardware store or scouring Amazon works, but if you want an adventure to find unique hardware for your kitchen and bathrooms that fits the style of the house perfectly and doesn’t look like everyone else’s, take the opportunity. Go to craft shows, farmers markets or off the beaten path nick-knack shops. You never know what else you will find along the way!


  • Dress up your fireplace. If you have exposed brick fireplace, paint it (unless you live in the country, then you should highlight the brick). If you have tile that’s dated (and let’s be honest, unless you custom built your house you likely have a VERY stock fireplace/mantle), switch out the tile. Even the most inexperienced DIYers should be able to find a video on how to redo the tile on the fireplace. Find a large piece of chunky wood, stain it and make it your mantle. Add some fun unique pieces above your mantle…mirrors, photos, candles, a clock etc. Really make it your own.


In my experience as a real estate agent most people will not tackle any of these fun weekend projects before they move, but cram them into the week or month before they list their home. They never get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Take the opportunity, channel your inner Gal With a Hammer and explore your creative side…you will have fun and your home value will thank you!


For any real estate needs in Washington State or elsewhere, contact:

Jen Daniels

www.jendanielsgroup.com ~ 253-686-1036 ~ jendanielsre@gmail.com



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