Gallery Wall-ing

I feel like this house has come with the longest to-do list, and all I’ve done is work on the front room. Oopsies. My next concern is:

is there a limit to how many gallery walls you can have in your house?!

“The limit does not exist”


Yes. I did just do that.

We have the perfect wall for a gallery display and from the minute we picked the house I knew that’s where I would be putting one.
| We don’t have the best picture of the wall from straight on, but no one really cares about the blank wall anyway |

Due to my anal retentive habits combined with my extremely low patience levels I was quite worried about how this would work. Luckily Scott is 10x more level headed than I am.

All of the frames are from Home Goods, with the exception of the window frame which is from Target. I have had my eye on that since I bought the same one for my best friend over a year ago for her birthday. The mirrors are also from target and I will link them below, and the arrows are from Michaels. Scott had this clock before I moved in and I am 45% sure it is from Fred Meyer.

 I laid out the frames and accents on the floor in the order that I wanted them on the wall. There was no real measuring involved in our process. It was mostly just slapping it up on to the wall and eyeballing it.


I knew that I wanted the clock to be situated just a little higher on the wall than the rest so we started with that one. Once that was on Scott had the most brilliant idea ever. We were struggling with centering a rectangular frame with a circular clock. So Scott did this:

At first I was so confused. Could not figure out why the heck he was hanging yarn with pens attached on my gorgeous to-be gallery wall. The pens held the yarn down tight and straight, and we attached them evenly at the top to find a straight line to hang the frame between? How lucky am I to be dating a straight up brainiac.


From there we worked from side to side, if I added an 8×10 frame to the left side, I added the same size frame to the right. Where we placed blue tape is where the arrows would go, they just had to be painted so we didn’t put them up right away.


| #goodhairday |

We had a few frames that suddenly would just fall off the wall, but they seem to be okay now? Luckily we didn’t have to put extra holes in the wall, we were pretty cautious about where we were placing frames before we would start to nail!

I would say, truthfully, the hardest part of this has been ordering pictures for the frames. For quite some time they were all empty, in fact none of these pictures show how it looks now that it’s done.

You can tell these are older pictures because the new tables aren’t in and I’ve added so much more décor. I will do a new post soon of little touches that I have throughout the house.

Here is some of the small scale gallery wall we did in our sports/bonus room. Once I get my new Idaho plates we will add my old Washington plates to the wall as well.

Wreath made by my best friend Cierra, email her at mrs.cierraneil@gmail.com if you’re interested in ordering one- they are all customizable!


Links to décor:
Window Frame

Mirrors (mine are sold out, these are great too)



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