Easy beginner garden beds

When Scott asked me at the Matador in downtown Boise how I felt about selling our house a few short weeks after I moved here I had probably 10 instant thoughts. Here is the highlight reel of my brain:

1. But what about our amazing view?
2. We can have a yard!!
4. But what about our amazing view?
5. Maybe I can take up gardening.
6. Puppy & chickens maybe?
7. I just got unpacked…
8. I’m gonna order another Marg.

Well. I am pleased to report, it was all for the best, I miss our view terribly some evenings (I’ll find a picture to share), I got my chickens and we have the cutest puppy ever.

The garden had been a bit intimidating. First of all- it’s ridiculously hard to build a square. I don’t have good directions for making them because I used wood we had, a screw driver and posts basically. Oh and screws. But.. I’ll do my best!

I used left over fence boards Scott had laying around, and stacked them 2 high for the first one, and one high for the 2nd one. For the center posts I used 4×4’s cut down to 11 inches each (this left me a little “mess up room” incase I screwed anything in a little off measurement).

*Also, I should just state right now this whole process took me about 3 weeks to build and then actually plant in them.

Once I had them built and placed where I wanted them I attempted to dig up the grass.. It took me about 29 minutes to get a small 8 inch section partially pulled out.. so I gave up. Instead I opted to lay down some thick cardboard which I had read about on Pinterest (thanks Cierra). It kills the grass below and will fully decompose.

_DSC0112 _DSC0111

_DSC0113 _DSC0115

Once I laid down cardboard and forgot to take a picture, I covered it with a few inches of mulch, then moisture control soil by Miracle Gro. I had no idea how to pick a soil but everyone at work, who are all pro gardeners, suggested I use that brand.

I looked up a few gardening how-to’s but I’m more of a “try it out and see what happens on my own” type of gal. I did measure about my squares in 12×12 inches for spacing and I am so sorry I cannot remember the term for this?? I marked it with nails and ten tied it off with yarn.


(All of this is before i decided to do my second bed)

I was hesitant to do 2 beds because I did not want to plant too much that I could not keep up with and wind up failing at my first ever garden! Once I realized I wouldn’t have enough space for veggies and fruits I decided to build a second one.

I planted spinach. cucumber, cilantro, broccoli, carrots, beets and pepper. The way they are planted is like this:

    SPINACH              empty         CARROTS       empty        PEPPER
SPINACH              empty         CARROTS       empty        empty
CUCUMBER         empty         BROCCOLI      empty        BEETS
CILANTRO            empty         BROCCOLI      empty        BEETS

Guys.. I tried so hard to make a table showing those with the cooresponding squares.. it wasn’t happening. I hope that makes sense. But today I white girl can’t even to be honest.

In the other bed I only did watermelon, cantaloup and then my friend Tiffany at work gave me pumpkin seeds so I figured why the heck not!! In the tub behind the beds I have 3 strawberry plants and a peach tree! I didn’t even know we had a peach tree already growing until a few weeks of living here, I am so excited about it though! Now my biggest mistake with the second bed was planting that many traveling fruits/veggies. Because they are currently growing like crazy and need to be replanted along the side of our yard. Any tips on transplanting because I am seriously nervous for that!!

I used seeds for everything that was planted and it started sprouting right away basically! … but it’s taken forever and 2 days for me to get anything from it!! I have got some goodies coming in now.
_DSC0626 _DSC0627 _DSC0629 _DSC0628

I was able to pick some cucumber, and I can harvest my spinach- I’ve just been so darn busy I haven’t been able to yet! We’ve had a lot of rain here lately and I think it’s helping so much… because in the beginning it was looking ROUGH.. I thought for sure I would pull it all up and put our new chicken run right where the garden once stood. Turns out, I am an okay (at best) gardner if I just leave it be and let nature do it’s thang! The one I am most proud of is the pepper making a strong come back.. I don’t have a picture but it was bad. You know when you tease your hair up all big and do a ton of makeup for a night out and then wake up the next morning without having washed your face or brushed your hair? That kind of bad.

Like I said, I’m brand new to this so I welcome any tips or corrections or what I can do better!
This post was supposed to go up last night but I had to study for the Idaho drivers test.. yeah.. I had to study. I was a ball of nerves I hate taking tests! But don’t worry, I’m a licesnesd driver in ID now. I only missed 1 question. The very first one. Solid start.


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