Coffee table talk

Guys.. Something big happened to me.. like REAL big. I mean monumental …I had a successful Craigslist transaction!! I know. You’re blown away. Me too. Me. Too. I had been searching high and low for a new coffee table and entry table for our front room. I was also itching for a new project when these fell into my lap.

Because we have a sectional in the front room we have a larger space to be filled by a coffee table or ottoman. And I knew a standard size table would look ridiculous in that space. The inspiration came from my friends Steph and Mike’s dining room table. Their table was built and finished by them and it is so beautiful. It’s not normal how much I loved it. They recently moved away & I half hoped they’d leave me the table. Kidding. Except not.

Anyway, i love the coffee table but I am not quite convinced on the entry table yet. It doesn’t have any real character, even after re-finishing it. For now it stays.. But I am keeping my eye open for something else. tablesSee what I mean about the entry table? It’s so.. blah/vanilla/boring/uninspiring. I am also not good at remembering to take pictures before I start my projects, thank goodness Scott usually does this for me. (excuse the iPhone pictures).

Steps 1-4 of the process: 1. Pour glass of wine 2. Get distracted playing with new puppy 3. 45 minutes later pull tables out to backyard to begin project 4. Pour one more glass of wine

I had got a little hand sander from Home Depot, it was actually meant for drywall, but after switching out the sandpaper with a 220 grit and cutting it to the size I needed- it worked just peachy. This worked a little better for me than using an electric hand sander because I had more control. I sanded off the “Man-made” paint to get to the bare wood, which didn’t take much. After wiping it down I painted it white, I liked this process because I did not have to be very careful with where I applied paint. This time I used Glidden “Nova White” in matte.


The way I slapped that paint on is almost like I white washed it. I knew there were parts I wanted to leave light on the paint because I was going to sand the paint down and distress it once it dried & that the stain would hold differently to the bare wood. [This did turn in to a 2 day project between the sanding & then painting and waiting for it to dry] The following day once all had dried I took the hand sander to the paint for some distressing, Again, I used the 220 grit, I had tried a few different sized grits and this was the easier and one that produced the most even,, sanding? Whats the term for that? Anyway, The sanding was actually the most consuming part because I started slowly knowing it’s easier to add more distressing than to take it away, IMG_2444This was the beginning, I did end up sanding more down but not too much more, Little rough spots here and there. Once I got it perfectly destroyed (like my favorite jeans) I stained it with Minwax Dark Walnut. And same as before, I went light on the stain and added more as I saw fit. I painted it on and then took an old town and wiped it off in large sections, letting some sit longer and adding more to the spots that were distressed to the bare wood. This is all based on personal preference & messy as heck so be prepared to wash your hands 20 million times and still have stain on your hands by the time you go to work. IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2446

 Now.. when the stain was first applied it looked NOTHING like the infamous dining room table, and honestly still doesn’t, but as it dried I was very relieved at how it turned out. What I had envisioned was a bit more of a grey finish. What I got was more brown and I am 100% okay with it now that I’ve put it in it’s home in the front room.

. imageIMG_2447

For the coffee table the top is sanded, painted, distressed, and stained. The bottom was only painted and then distressed. I left the bottom white so you could see the character of the legs and the details. And in true Alli form I did not get a picture of the entry table.. probably because I don’t love it even after 2 Home Goods trips to find decor for the top. Maybe it’ll get there one day.. but don’t be surprised if you’re growing Boise Craigslist and see it on there [mention this post and I’ll knock $10 off the price. #businesswoman #savingforretirement]  IMG_2449Oh look… I found it. There it is in all its plain not-glory.

I really am happy with this project- it was an easy enough 2 day project and it has really helped to pull together my front room, And also gave me a great excuse to buy that white tray from Pier 1 that I’ve been lusting over. My best friend Callie has had it for quite some time after many attempts to hide it under my shirt at her house I decided I should just buy my own and save myself the embarrassment. Is there a thing as too many trays for a house, they are having a 20% off sale right now and I have my eye on like 2 more.. or 4? Moderation is not my strong suit,

Email me with questions or comment below if anything I said didn’t make sense! Happy Tuesday, it’s almost Wine Wednesday.


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