Eat, drink & sand, prime and paint.

One of my favorite hobbies is being in the kitchen and cooking or baking.. it doesn’t always turn out amazing but I usually have fun trying. It was important to us that the kitchen was cozy and welcoming, usually it is where people gather. Scott and his dad Tim did a lot of the hard work, which I appreciate to no end.

The day we got the keys they began taking down that cabinets and drawers to be painted. You saw what it looked like before and here is how it looked during:  BeFunky Collage As they were taking everything out they numbered the drawers/cabinets with their corresponding spots (can we say genius.. I never would have thought to do this). Then the “worst part of the whole project” (Scott’s words) the sanding began. They sanded every surface with various grits but mainly 220 (a very fine sandpaper). They did the cabinets, drawer fronts and cabinet boxes.. I was at work for this part, and so very thankful for it. You guys, we’ve been blessed with a TON of cabinet space but I am sure in this instant Scott and Tim wished we’d had a kitchen that was 4 ft x 4 ft. 

After sanding they began to prime everything, we chose to do 1 layer of primer on everything in hopes it would cover existing colors and save us on the white paint we chose. We got all of our paint and primer from Rodda- I will list all kitchen colors below (and throughout all of the posts). We were so happy with the customer service at Rodda we stuck with them instead of Home Depot or Lowes (not that we haven’t had a good experience with them… I’m just picky).

BeFunky Collage3

Next up was all of the painting of the cabinet boxes, drawers and cabinet faces. Scott perfected the technique: 1 layer of primer with a paint brush, 2-3 layers of semi-gloss “whitest white” using a medium sized roller on each side.

One thing we have no quite got around to doing is sealing everything. The only reason is because it is difficult to find a sealer that won’t color our white painted cabinets an off white immediately or over time.. I know- faux-paus we should.. and we will.. eventually.. maybe.

There is a house right down the road from us that is exactly like ours, same layout and all. Next to our kitchen sink  there was a void with no cabinets or anything, I decided that we would copy what this family had and place a shelf there. Originally I was hoping to do 2, but it would have been too crowded with my decor choices. And you know the rule about accessorizing, always take off one piece before you leave the house. Point is.. less is more! One shelf went up and we decorated it with family recipes. Scott’s mom, and grandma’s and my grandma all have framed recipes up on the shelf and I love the way it turned out. I will add one from my mom and other grandma as well.

_DSC0607 _DSC0604

We wanted a pop of color in the kitchen, and I fell in obsessive love with this deep blue, its called “Obsidian”. I wanted to bathe in at one point, and eat it with a spoon. That kind of love. I am hoping to find another spot in the house to use this color, as of now this is the only little bit we’ve used. Originally we thought we might re-panel our existing doors and do them in the yummy blue, but we have since decided we are buying all new ones. So the search continues for the perfect project for my perfect paint color. Seriously.. obsessed.


Luckily I snagged myself a handy man who was able to install a pendant converter kit to take our lights from recessed to pendants. All of our lights have come from different places yet match perfectly (I think at least). We got our dining room light at Builders Lighting, our kitchen/hall light at home depot (another love purchase) and the pendant lights at Lowes. I will feature the dining room light when I do post for that area.


The best part of the process is seeing everything come together. I didn’t realize just how much we had done until I looked back at pictures, see- this blog is already coming in handy. Oh and the next best thing is going to Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Target and Pier 1 to decorate.
BeFunky Collage

|Sorry for the delay in posts, we brought home the most energetic and crazy adorable black lab puppy 3 weeks ago and he has kept us pretty busy. Meet Chancellor|
_DSC0332We love him so much that we don’t mind getting up at 6AM to let him out.. JK we mind.. we really mind. At least he’s cute.


One thought on “Eat, drink & sand, prime and paint.

  1. Wow!! What an amazing transformation! Btw congrats on your new home! It’s so cool to see everything you guys have done. Excited to see more! And Chancellor is the cutest!


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