More pictures… are you bored yet?

Just a few more pictures of where we started, then we will get to where we are now (the fun stuff).

_DSC0056_DSC0055|Family room… or living room?|
|Second picture is after we pulled up the carpet, fresh start!|
We will call it bonus room. One of the big things that made us pick this house was the 2 living spaces. One for a more formal feel and one for the sports room for all the Seahawks and UW things we’ve collected.. It’s a large collection. Hint: best way to score great sports stuff, befriend the Hansen family. Jodi has the best finds. We haven’t had carpet in this room for about 2-3 months or so (I can’t even remember when we closed on this house at this point) and we FINALLY got new carpet installed today. Next up: Sports-gallery wall.

…Moving on. (Its the bathroom… so really.. not much to say. Also, we have no real plans for this room.}

There are two more rooms, guest room and my get ready room (again, heart eyes) but it’s silly to include those pictures at this point. I mean you get it, butter yellow, old oak, closets and doors.
To sum up: 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, family/living room, bonus room, kitchen, dining room, 2 car garage filled with crap currently.

Our first big disagreement on the house: (which ended up resolving itself right away basically)… paint colors. We picked a lot of neutrals.. some may say they were quite similar to Seahawks colors with blues and such.. I dunno, maybe. And anyway, whats so bad about that??
IMG_2114*disclaimer, painting is horrible. So to me its permanent, these colors are here to stay.


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