Home Sweet Home (almost) Picture update

I wanted to give a few quick pictures of the house as it was when we got the keys. Take a moment to enjoy all the glory of the butter yellow paint. Actually, I would love to say we don’t have any more but I’m certain every now and then I can see some through the white on our ceilings, and around light fixtures. It’s haunting me. We were SO lucky to have Scott’s parents in town the weekend we got the keys to help with painting and organizing and stripping the kitchen of it’s horrid cabinets. So heres a preview of what we were working with:

The house was built in 1959, as you can see the oak is a ttich outdated. The great thing is the wood is so sturdy and thick. It is all in great condition!

_DSC0054  _DSC0058_DSC0057_DSC0053

|Kitchen/Dining room.|
We had the most ridiculous dining room light in, which has since been replaced. It had a pulley system on it so you could lower it down. Scott’s mom was telling us that was very common for this style of house, it would be lower for a more intimate feel, or higher for a brighter feel. I’m all about mood lighting, but no thank you. We also have a built in desk, We went back and forth about a million times on wether or not to take it out or leave it. We did decide to keep it and I’m happy with the choice, its a great place for cookbooks and a place for me to pretend to be a blogger!DSC_0456_DSC0072|Family room|
This might be a living room, to be honest I still don’t know how to tell the difference of living room and family room? Does anyone? Can you help a girl out? Anyway, this will easily be my favorite room during our time in Boise. I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve done to this room so far. Isn’t that fire place to die for?


My next favorite project has been the hallway, is that normal? All of the houses we looked at (too many to count) were a bit older so they had built-ins throughout, swoon! I love it. Again, check out that butter yellow??

_DSC0060 _DSC0059|Master|
Don’t let Scott fool you, he’s taken up both of those closets and forced me to have my very own “get ready room”. Okay. He didn’t force me, but he really does have more clothes than any guy I know. And yes, I know what you’re thinking… “those blinds”. They’re gone.

Those are the 3 main rooms for now, I’ll share more next time but my charger is MIA and I am living life on the edge of 3%!


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