Home Sweet Home (almost)

For months now I’ve been wanting to start a blog. I had no idea about what. Then we bought an old house then I dragged my feet on actually creating one centered around home improvements, décor and anything else I decided I wanted to bore my mom with (lets face it, she will be then only one that reads- Hi Mom!). So. Here we are.

When I sat down last night to start writing and figuring out what in then hot hell I was doing, I made a mental list of who I am, so I wouldn’t lose sight of that or portray myself as anything other than myself. I’m obviously new to the whole blogging scene (..this is my first post and all) but I can already tell it’s easy to begin comparing yourself to others that you follow on social media.

So, this is who I am: Alli. Recently moved from Bonney Lake, Washington to Boise, Idaho. I love Boise- it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made to date to move here. I moved here to be with my boyfriend, Scott. We’d been long distance for close to 4 years, helllooo regular date night, I love you!!

My family and friends are back in WA, which has not been easy. Do you guys know how hard it is making friends when your in your late twenty-somethings? Very is the answer. So if you’ve found yourself randomly on this page, are in my age range, not a raging maniac (little bit is okay, just not raging- gotta draw a line somewhere)& in Boise lets meet at Bodo Vino for a glass of wine.

Other pertinent details: hot dog lover, cheeseburger lover, food lover. Cat and chicken mom, Netflix enthusiast, occasional DIY-er and kitchen dweller.

Back to why I started the bloggie. Soon after I moved to Boise we decided to sell the townhouse with a view and buy a house built in 1959. It needed some work, nothing major, but we definitely weren’t fans of thee butter yellow walls, ceiling and trim. Yikes. After months of telling Scott I wanted to blog I no longer had an excuse not to. Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the projects and get a laugh out of our mishaps- as I’m sure there will be many. In the next few posts I will show some pictures of the house when we first got the keys and what the plans are for different rooms as well as where we are currently on projects. And probably some chicken talk, because I can.


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